Managing Director of Energy Equity, Research, and Impacts

Job Application Due Date: 12/01/21
Hiring Company/Organization: ILLUME Advising

About ILLUME Advising

ILLUME Advising, LLC is a research consultancy that supports the clean energy industry by providing market research, evaluation, strategy, and policy services for programs, services, and new clean energy technologies. Historically, the energy industry has under-served diverse groups including people of color, residents with limited incomes, rural customers, and those for whom English is not their first language, among others. ILLUME supports their clients in remedying these disparities through empathic research and incisive data science. They are doubling down on this long-held commitment and are seeking a leader to help drive the work by centering equity in the clean energy transition.

Position Description

ILLUME is looking for an exceptional professional to join the team as a Managing Director of Energy Equity, Research, and Impacts with an emphasis on equity research. Candidates should have either previous or current work in strategic planning, research, method development, and evaluation tethered to multi-stakeholder engagement and an intersectional understanding of where environmental work intersects with public health, economic mobility, community resilience, and racial/social justice. The ideal candidate is driven by a desire to help clients remedy disparities in clean energy opportunities by taking a holistic view of the challenge. By examining the intersection of energy policy and social, racial, and environmental justice, this position will amplify the company’s core mission and help to push the work and industry forward.

The Managing Director of Energy Equity, Research, and Impacts oversees large and complex research portfolios, high-profile projects, “small tent” strategic projects, and key accounts. The Managing Director of Energy Equity, Research, and Impacts will ensure that ILLUME has the technical and analytic depth necessary to meet our clients’ needs in the Equity space in the immediate and long-term. They will oversee and guide Managing Consultant, Consultant, and Analyst teams as they work to deliver on client projects and ensure project deliverables exceed industry standards and client expectations. This includes providing subject matter expertise in study design, qualitative and quantitative research design and methods, and qualitative and quantitative approaches to addressing issues related to Equity and diversity in the energy sector. This candidate will advise on strategy and provide guidance on technical resources needed to develop and deploy ILLUME products and services in this specific area of work.

Applications are due December 1, 2021.