Dissertation Research Grants

Due Date: 3/1/22
Funder: Russel Sage Foundation

One of the oldest American foundations, the Russell Sage Foundation (RSF) dedicates itself to strengthening the methods, data, and theoretical core of the social sciences as a means of diagnosing social problems and improving social policies. It also funds researchers at other institutions and supports programs intended to develop new generations of social scientists.

To that end, the foundation has established a dissertation research grants program in support of innovative and high-quality dissertation research projects that address questions relevant to RSF’s priority areas. Proposed projects must be closely aligned with the funding priorities listed on the RSF website and contribute to RSF’s mission to improve social and living conditions in the U.S. by demonstrating the appropriate use of relevant theory, innovative data, rigorous research methods, and measures. The maximum allowable budget is $10,000 for a one-year grant.

These grants will support all aspects of dissertation research (data collection, data preparation, data analysis, and writing), but are not intended for students who have completed data collection and analysis and propose to spend the entire grant period writing the dissertation. There is a lifetime limit of one dissertation research grant per applicant. RSF encourages applications from scholars who are traditionally underrepresented in the social sciences and its applicant pool, as it seeks to promote diversity broadly, including but not limited to, racial, ethnic, gender or sexual identity or orientation, first generation, disciplinary, institutional, and geographic areas. Priority will be given to doctoral students who are underrepresented in the social sciences and those lacking the resources to carry out the proposed research.

Applicants must be enrolled doctoral students at an institution of higher education in the U.S. or a U.S. territory and completed all program requirements except the dissertation. To receive funding, an applicant whose proposal is selected for a grant must have their dissertation supervisor document that the dissertation research is the same research that was described in the DRG proposal and has been approved by the dissertation committee. In cases where a dissertation consists of several related papers, the proposal should focus on the most important paper.

Applications are due March 1, 2022.

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