Frontiers of Social Innovation 2022

Registration Due Date: 3/21/22
Provider Organization: Stanford Social Innovation Review

In recent years, more and more people in the social innovation ecosystem have begun to ask questions about the role of power in creating a more just, sustainable, and equitable society. At the Frontiers of Social Innovation 2022 conference, Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) will use power as a lens to examine the strategies and practices commonly used in the field of social innovation today, as well as those emerging approaches that may be more widely used in the future.

At the conference participants will discuss critical questions such as: How is power used responsibly, and what happens when it is abused? How are individuals and organizations in positions of power held accountable? How do we recognize and understand the power structures that may reinforce systems of oppression and inequity? What is the impact of power dynamics on different social issues, such as the environment and health, for example? How will the current examinations of power shape the field of social innovation in the future?

Last year at the Frontiers conference, participants examined the ways that major technological, political, and economic changes were causing shifts in people, resources, and power around the globe. Those discussions, coupled with many of the events that have transpired since then, led SSIR to focus the 2022 gathering on “Power at Play in Social Change.”

Join Stanford Social Innovation Review — the leading global publication on social change theory and practice — as they bring together leaders from nonprofit organizations, philanthropy, academia and research, business, and government from around the world. Over the course of three half days, participants will convene in an online program to discuss, debate, and dissect the intersection of power and social change.

Early bird registration is open until February 20, 2022. Regular Registration is open until March 21, 2022.