Government Grants 101: Readiness, Research, and Writing the Proposal

Application Due Date: Year-Round
Provider Organization: Candid Learning

Winning state and federal grants can be an important strategy for diversifying your organization’s revenue. However, even seasoned grant professionals are often intimidated by state and federal grants. Fortunately, you can take some simple, concrete steps to assess whether government grants are right for your organization, and you can master the techniques needed to compete in the government arena. Learn how in this two-part course.

Part I will cover essential steps for being ready to apply for a government grant, including: 1) assessing and improving organizational readiness, 2) finding grant opportunities, and 3) objectively assessing whether you should apply for a specific grant.

In Part II, learn what government agencies are looking for in funding proposals. Competitive proposals are all about persuading reviewers to award you points. We talk about developing the in-depth content required of government proposals and then how to make it easy for reviewers to find. We address common questions about writing style and formatting. Even if you’re a seasoned foundation fundraiser, this course will strengthen your skills to write competitive proposals for government grants.

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