Walter Littlemoon Indigenous Researcher Internship Scholarship

Application Due Date: 2/31/21
Provider Organization: Sweetgrass Consulting, LLC

During the last five centuries, storytelling, data collection, and research of Indigenous peoples have been largely extracted, owned, and often used in disparaging ways by outsiders. Thus, political alliances, wealth, resources, and decision-making among others have continued to be funneled away from Indigenous communities, reinforcing systemic racism and the structures that have contributed to communities of poverty, dependence, and food deserts. Further, Indigenous Nations know well that American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian families experience high rates of hardship when entering the workforce and universities. Despite these barriers, Indigenous scholars, Native-led research efforts, and everyday common people like Oglala Lakota elder Walter Littlemoon, live and work diligently in ways that share knowledge, strengthen foundations, solve problems, and build futures.

To assist in just one very small way, Sweet Grass Consulting, LLC wants to be more intentional about working with American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian aspiring researchers. The hope is to increase research equity and enhance data sovereignty by providing greater opportunities for permanent capacity, impactful job readiness, career development, heightened esteem, and increased economic return. For this reason, Sweet Grass Consulting, LLC invites applications for the annual Walter Littlemoon Indigenous Researcher Scholarship! Each competitively chosen researcher will be provided with a $3,600 stipend to participate in 240 hours of research. The selected aspiring researcher will learn applicable skills, knowledge, and confidence in applied research, evaluation, and monitoring methods by engaging in meaningful research in indigenous communities.

Applications are due December 31, 2021.