Professional Development

Equity-Focused and Culturally Responsive Evaluation


Training Signup Due Date: 04/15/24

Name of Agency or Organization: EnCompass

Opportunity Description

In this three-module course, the focus will be on equity-focused and culturally responsive approaches to evaluation and research, and a combination of both theoretical and practical applications. The course will locate social inquiry as a key cultural product and provide a background and description for approaches that are considered culturally responsive. Module one will focus on the justification and rational for the utilization of equity-focused and culturally responsive evaluation approaches. In module two participants will learn how to informally engage with culture, equity, diversity, and inclusion in evaluation settings. The third module will provide participants with the knowledge to develop instruments, data analysis, and reporting with an equity-focused and culturally responsive evaluation lens.

Register by April 15, 2024.


The price of this course is $825.

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