CREE Consultations

ETB Equity Consultations (EEC)

The EEC is a perfect way to support your integration of culturally responsive and equitable evaluation from experienced CREE Evaluators.

Curious how it works? There are two pathways: 

Anyone who requests EEC à la carte secures up to three hours of consultation with two Evaluators from a team of CREE Consultants. 

All Annual Subscribers to ETB will be offered matches with two Evaluators from a team of CREE Consultants for up to three hours— no request needed.  

Timing for the consultation must be completed within the subscription period. 

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EEC is offered year-round for subscribers. Funders of Evaluation, please visit the Pricing Model subscription page to sign up. 

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More About the EEC

Here are a few possible topics for consultation:

Expectations of Requests

This is a finite opportunity for three hours of consultation. For Funders, define your request clearly:

Guidelines and Recommendations for Consultations  

Please note that the consultation time is capped at three hours, including time to review relevant materials and any other preparatory time. The consultations are to be determined by the Funders and consultation team. Funders and Consultants will work together to coordinate their availability, duration, and occurrences of calls based on the request.  

Consultants have three hours of commitment for each request and the recommended breakdown is as follows: 

After the EEC consultation is complete, if Evaluators or Funders would like to continue their work, they are free to do so independently of EEC. 

Meet the Consultants

Eight Evaluators from the Advancing Culturally-Responsive and Equitable (ACE) Evaluation Network serve as the Consultants. The ACE Evaluation Network comprises of racially and ethnically diverse Evaluators who have been historically and/or are presently underrepresented or marginalized in the U.S. who are committed to using CREE and spreading its practice. Learn more about the Consultants and why they are committed to advancing CREE. 

How does EEC work for à la carte Subscribers?

  • To begin the process, complete the consultation request form to articulate the purpose of the consultation, specific questions they have for the consultants, and any other context, information, or expectations. We anticipate at least 10 business days between submissions of requests and identifying the consultation team

How does EEC work for Annual Subscribers?

  • ETB Team will create assignments between Funders and Consultants upon subscriptions.


If you have any questions about the EEC please email the team and we will gladly walk you through any element of the EEC. 

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