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LEEAD, a professional CREE development pathway.

Encouraging interest from those invested in progressing an equitable evaluation ecosystem.

Enhance Your CREE Practice

LEEAD is an evaluation training program designed to develop a pathway for diverse leaders in CREE who will advance the field of evaluation. Since the Program began in the fall of 2015, 50 Scholars have completed the LEEAD Program with support from dozens of Mentors and Practicum Sites.

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In this program evaluation overview see how Scholars, Mentors, and Practicum Sites alike used LEEAD to develop their culturally responsive and equitable evaluation (CREE) practice.


The ETB Team is seeking applicants looking to further develop their CREE practice with three to seven years of experience in research and/or evaluation with backgrounds in criminal justice, education, psychology, public health, public policy, social work, or related fields, with at least three years of that experience occurring after completion of graduate degree.


LEEAD Scholars are matched with LEEAD Mentors at the beginning of the Program, who as evaluation experts will reinforce content learned through the online curriculum, bolster networking skills and connections, and advise Scholars in professional matters.

Practicum Sites

The Practicum Site experience is virtual and involves having Scholars complete one or more discrete components of an evaluation project (e.g., collaborating to design evaluation, logic model/theory of change development, measure development, data collection and analysis, and report writing). The Practicum provides Scholars with contract evaluation experience and an opportunity to apply learnings gained through the curriculum, as well as serve as a CREE thought partner and collaborator around a specific evaluation project.