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Whatever part of the evaluation ecosystem you participate in, there are plenty of ways to get involved with Expanding the Bench®.

Learn about ETB through the perspectives of the Evaluators who shape our work, take a glance at our key projects, and dive into the stories that write our collective narrative.

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Your financial support is vital to creating a sustainable future for the ETB initiative. The Pricing Model’s flexible setup allows for Funders of Evaluation to purchase services in bulk or choose from our à la carte offerings. Take a look for yourself!

Discover Evaluation Stories — And Share Your Own!

The CREE Learning Series is a three-part video teaching tool is broken down into four short videos, per part, that showcase learnings and offer new ideas and fresh perspectives on approaching work that centers culturally responsive and equitable evaluation (CREE). Participants are invited to join live virtual discussions to further broaden their knowledge around each part of the Series.

Participation in the CREE Learning Series, including access to pre-recorded videos and live discussions, is free for Advancing Culturally-responsive and Equitable (ACE) Evaluation Network Members, community members of the Leaders in Equitable Evaluation and Diversity (LEEAD) Program (Scholars/Alumni and Cohort 3 Mentors), and direct Funders of ETB. For all other participants, ticket price is determined based on a sliding scale ranging from $200-$500. A limited number of all-expense-paid scholarships are available. Contact for more information.

Evolving Evaluation: Journeys with Culturally Responsive and Equitable Evaluation is a two-year effort that will engage evaluators in critical reflections of their own journeys, stories, and experiences with evaluation. Through 1:1 recorded conversations with a colleague, we will highlight experiences and examples of CREE within the field.

These recorded conversations will be used to develop multiple products, including a final research paper, which will not be developed until the end of the project. All recorded conversations will be de-identified and aggregated within the final research paper. All contributors will be acknowledged in the research paper and will be offered a $50 gift card for their participation. For those interested in a larger role in developing the paper, we will have a call out for contributors in the ETB newsletter, Bench (Re)Marks.

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Find an Evaluator

The ACE Evaluation Network is a growing community of racially and ethnically diverse evaluators who have experience in and a strong commitment to the practice of CREE. The Network is actively contributing to the system of change efforts central to the ETB initiative. This is done by creating opportunities to build relationships between Network Members, Funders of Evaluation, and other producers and consumers of evaluation — all while supporting new and different approaches to hiring for and conducting evaluations.


Take a moment to explore all the opportunities on the ETB site! We feature a variety of professional development events, funding opportunities of all kinds, and a job board that’s regularly updated.

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Build Your Evaluation Practice

LEEAD is an evaluation training program designed to develop a pathway for diverse leaders in CREE who will advance the field of evaluation. Since the Program began in the fall of 2015, 50 Scholars have completed the LEEAD Program.

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