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The backbone of our work at Expanding the Bench® is to create opportunities and pathways for culturally responsive and equitable evaluation (CREE) to be spread and applied by racially and ethnically diverse Evaluators who have been historically and/or are presently underrepresented or marginalized in the U.S. In 2021, the ETB Team expanded these opportunities and laid the groundwork for ETB’s sustainability through the pricing model.


Your financial support is vital to create a sustainable future for the ETB initiative. The Pricing Model’s flexible setup allows for Funders of Evaluation to purchase services in bulk or choose from our à la carte offerings. Take a look for yourself.


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About the Pricing Model

ETB has shifted to be supported, in part, by subscriptions to the Pricing Model. These proceeds financially support the sustainability of our mission and programming efforts. Whether you choose to subscribe to a year-long service bundle or purchase a one-time service, investing in this movement is a tangible way for Funders of Evaluation to financially support and partner with diverse Evaluators as they value, practice, and promote a CREE ecosystem. Your financial support allows us to continue to offer current and expanded services to Evaluators who participate in our programs at no cost.

And ETB is certainly expanding! Since the initiative began, we’ve engaged 150+ racially and ethnically diverse Evaluators, Funders of Evaluation, and partners of the initiative in our programming and seek to continue that expansion. In fact, it is our goal that the term CREE and its definition, which is at the heart of our work, gains widespread usage among Evaluators and organizations interested in ensuring equitable approaches to their evaluation practice. A consistent means of support is key to ensuring that CREE is viewed as a best practice in evaluation.

How Does it Work?

There are a variety of pricing and membership levels for Funders. As seen in the model below, Leaders in Equitable Evaluation and Diversity (LEEAD) Scholars and Alumni and Advancing Culturally-responsive and Equitable (ACE) Evaluation Network Members receive services at no charge. Funders may either sign up to access an array of one-time à la carte services or sign up for an annual subscription and access the full bundle of services over the course of one year.

Pricing Model FAQs

If you would like to learn more about specific elements of the Pricing Model or how to otherwise support the ETB initiative, check out our FAQ page.

Pricing Model FAQ

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Please reach out to us at team@expandingthebench.org if you have questions about these services or would like to discuss pricing options further.

ETB Coffee Breaks have expanded my network of underrepresented evaluation professionals and provided a forum for me to learn about the ways these seasoned Evaluators are applying culturally responsive and equitable evaluation in their work. Win and win.

KANTAHYANEE MURRAY, PhD Senior Associate Director, Center for Culturally Responsive Engagement at MPHI & ETB Advisory Team Member

What’s Included?

ETB Equity Consultation (EEC)

This service is offered year-round for Funders who want to know that they are engaging Evaluators in an equitable manner. Upon request, ETB will convene a team of consultants with experience in equitable engagement to provide consultative support to Funders. This could include framing a project, designing an engagement process, or developing their calls for proposals.

CREE Learning Series

ETB supports opportunities to further CREE knowledge and understanding among Evaluators, Funders, and others in the evaluation ecosystem. The CREE Learning Series includes an asynchronous learning platform with a combination of video content by CREE learning guides and virtually facilitated live discussions to support the application of learning into practice.

ETB Coffee Breaks

Through ETB Coffee Breaks, ACE Evaluation Network Members and Funders have the opportunity to virtually network and build relationships while focusing on the practice of CREE. The ETB Team matches each pair for a 1:1 chat based on focus areas and interests with support provided along the way. The main goals of Coffee Breaks are:

ETB Gathering

ETB gathers annually during the American Evaluation Association’s conference for a night of celebrating, socializing, and dancing with everyone in the evaluation ecosystem who makes up or contributes to the Initiative! We also celebrate new ACE Evaluation Network Members joining the Network and completion of LEEAD Program cohort. Registration is required and opens late summer.

Funder Community of Practice (CoP)

The CoP is an opportunity to engage with fellow Funders of Evaluation to collectively consider how to embed CREE more fully into strategies and practice. We convene Funders committed to CREE who are interested in a peer learning space to discuss their ideas and challenges in applying CREE to their work. In monthly meetings, Funders can present their challenges, pose questions to the group, and discuss specific approaches and solutions to implementing CREE in their organizations.

Thank You to Our Generous Funding Partners!

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If you would like to learn more about ETB, please email Project Co-Director Elizabeth Waetzig at the link below.

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