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CREE Learning Series

Creating a Shared Understanding of CREE

Culturally responsive and equitable evaluation (CREE) is not just one method of evaluation, it is an approach that should be infused into all evaluation methodologies. CREE advances equity by informing strategy, program improvement, decision-making, policy formation, and change.

Why, What, How

Expanding the Bench® (ETB) works to support diverse evaluators and Funders of Evaluation to ensure that power is distributed equitably to lead change toward justice. In doing so we reach many audiences, and it’s vital that we create a shared understanding around CREE. That’s why, with help from content experts, we have developed the CREE Learning Series. This three-part video teaching tool is broken down into four short videos per part that showcase learnings, offer new ideas, and provide fresh perspectives on approaching CREE-focused work. Participants are invited to join live virtual discussions—that will be recorded—to further broaden their knowledge around each part of the Series.

Participation in the CREE Learning Series, including access to pre-recorded videos and live discussions, is free for Advancing Culturally-responsive and Equitable (ACE) Evaluation Network Members, community members of the Leaders in Equitable Evaluation and Diversity (LEEAD) Program (Scholars/Alumni and Cohort 3 Mentors), and direct Funders of ETB. For all other participants, there is a $500 fee per person.

Explore the CREE Learning Series! Here’s how it works:

This self-paced, three-part learning series provides a hybrid approach to learners through a series of short informational videos, followed by live discussions with a diverse audience of Evaluators, Funders of Evaluation, Evaluation Partners, and others interested and invested in CREE.

1. Watch the Videos

The Series is offered in three parts, with each part containing four videos (about 10 minutes in length, each). Topics include:

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    • 1.1 – Introducing Learners to CREE By Rachele Espiritu, PhD and Elizabeth Waetzig, JD – Change Matrix
    • 1.2 – Exploring How Culture Influences Evaluation By Tamara Cadet, PhD, LICSW, MPH – Simmons University
    • 1.3 – Addressing Why Equity in Evaluation Matters By Tamara Cadet, PhD, LICSW, MPH – Simmons University
    • 1.4 – Defining CREE Frameworks and Principles in All Phases of Evaluation By Sharonlyn Harrison, PhD – Public Research and Evaluation Services

2. Submit a Question or Reflection

After you finish viewing, you have the option to submit reflections. Your reflection will help shape our live discussion.

3. Join Us for a Live Discussion

We will host a live facilitated discussion where you may ask questions, share experiences and gain a better understanding of CREE, among other practitioners, Funders, and consumers of evaluation.

Registered for the Series?

After successful registration to the 2021 Series, participants received a password to access all CREE Learning Series content.

Access the CREE Learning Series Content