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A Collaborative Field-Building Movement

Advisory Team

Expanding the Bench® (ETB) relies on the insight of Evaluation professionals who offer strategic direction, feedback, recommendations, and guidance to the initiative.


ETB is part of a collaborative field-building movement and is informed by a diverse, multi-stakeholder team of thought partners from the evaluation ecosystem. This team offers strategic direction, feedback, and recommendations to guide the development and growth of ETB.

With decades of combined experience in their fields, our Advisory Team members help us better understand and address the needs of the broader community.

All Advisory Team members sit on one of three workgroups. The workgroups and their purpose include:

ACE Evaluation Network

I remain grateful to our LEEAD community for the career- and life-changing experiences that I enjoy to this day. Do you belong to a community that gives life to your practice? How do you engage in culturally responsive and equitable evaluation as inclusive excellence and rigor? What reflections and resources can you add to the conversation?

Mindelyn Anderson, PhD Mirror Group LLC, LEEAD Alum

Meet the Advisory Team Workgroups

ACE Evaluation Network

Fundraising & Field Building


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It is ETB policy and practice that no Advisory Team member is advantaged or given special consideration in competitive ETB processes. If you have further questions, send us a message!

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