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Fundraising for Expanding the Bench®

Invest in Diversity

By financially supporting Expanding the Bench® (ETB), you increase access to 150+ accomplished Evaluators from ethnically and racially diverse backgrounds throughout the country.

Evaluation Makes an Impact

A process of systematic, intentional inquiry combined with data, CREE is used by organizations to define value, claim success, and, often, inform equity. However, racially and ethnically diverse Evaluators are not represented in sufficient numbers, leading to lasting harm. That’s why Expanding the Bench® (ETB) was created.

CREE Is the Foundation

ETB is an equity-focused initiative for Evaluators, Funders of Evaluation, and Evaluation Partners who are committed to culturally responsive and equitable evaluation (CREE). We envision a reality where power is distributed equitably among these groups and CREE is the rule, not the exception.

What Investing in ETB Supports


ETB supports exceptional evaluators from diverse backgrounds by fostering networking and career advancement opportunities through:


ETB expands awareness of CREE practice by hosting spaces to share and build knowledge for both evaluators and funders of evaluation, such as through 2021’s three-part CREE Learning Series. ETB is also inviting contributors to a two-year research effort that will engage evaluators in critical reflections of their own CREE journeys, stories, and evaluation experiences.


ETB’s work is vital to making lasting and substantive change, but it’s critical that funders of evaluation and other partners understand its importance and offer their support.Demand for our work has become more visible, and valuable through field-building and fundraising activities. For instance, our popular 1:1 Coffee Breaks provide opportunities for funders of evaluation and evaluators to build intentional relationships.

View Our Services, Subscribe, and Donate

In addition to the benefits offerred to CREE-practicing Evaluators, the ETB initiative offers many services for Funders of Evaluation interested in financially backing its efforts. Explore ETB’s brand-new Pricing Model, which breaks down each service offering individually and what can be bundled.

Explore the Pricing Model

Funders should turn the mirror inward and focus on how to become more deliberate about addressing the low levels of ethno-racial diversity within the field. Philanthropic leaders who engage in Expanding the Bench are actively confronting this issue head-on by committing to open doors for more people of color.

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Jackie Kaye

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